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Thank you for your generosity and support!
Thank you for helping us purchase this home for the Russian orphans!
February 2009

Dear Friends,

This site has been so long overdue for updating, thank you for your patience.  
The house  

The house is located in the city of Maykop which is a small city in the deep south of Russia two hours east of Krasnodar and
close to the Black Sea.  It's a two day train ride from St. Petersburg.  Most of the areas around Maykop are farming

The current owners of the home have so graciously extended the deadline for finalizing the sale so that the Stepanovs can
continue to raise funds and not miss out on the chance to buy this home.  However, they have extended the deadline twice
now and with the harsh Russian winter already here, it is very urgent that we raise the funds needed to purchase the house by
February 2007.  The Stepanovs are currently living in a small apartment along with their biological son, which makes a total of
ten people living in a tiny two-bedroom apartment.
It has been one year and two months since Happy Childhood made the
down payment of $10,600 needed to secure the house.  The cost of the house is $58,000.  The Stepanovs are raising funds in
Maykop, Russia, while we are simultaneously raising funds halfway across the world here in America.  We have pledged to
raise another $20,000 but it would be wonderful if we could raise an amount closer to the $58,000 target and reduce the burden
on Alexander to try to come up with the remainder.  We are working together to reach the goal of providing a home for children
who have never had one.

There is a small store on the ground floor of the house.  (You can see it in the photo).  It's in the front center of the ground floor,
and they plan on turning it into a convenience store.  There is also a large hall located at the back of the house which can seat
up to 100 people.  The plan is to rent this space out for weddings, meetings, and concerts!

This house is also special because it will not only be a real home for these orphans, but an opportunity for generating streams
of income and a great way to teach these kids how to make careful investments for the future.
The house we bought in Maykop, Russia (southern Russia) for the
Stepanovs and their 6 newly adopted children!  Pictured here is Yuri paving
the driveway and Natalya just getting back from the store.
This house (pictured to the right) is the house we're raising funds for so that we
can help buy it for Alexander Stepanov, his wife Natalya and their seven - yes,
seven! - newly adopted children.

And we are confident as ever that with your help, we can raise the remaining
commitment amount of $9,280!
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Please won't you give a generous donation today, and help the Stepanov family
and their newly adopted children move into this home that will provide many
years of comfort, security, stability and income.

May you be blessed as you partner with us in the giving of new life for this
family, and may 2007 be a year of prosperity, joy and fulfillment for you and

Happy New Year!

Maxene Choi
Executive Director
On my last visit to Maykop, Russia.  
Pictured here are some of the kids from
Novo-Sebastopolskaya Orphanage.
Maxene Choi
Executive Director
February 2009
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Last year
The house we bought in Maykop, Russia (southern Russia) for the
Stepanovs and their 6 newly adopted children!  Pictured here is Yuri paving
the driveway and Natalya just getting back from the store.